33 Village Green Dr shopping center, Litchfield, CT, 06759 

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Tue-Thurs: 11:00am-9:00pm
Fri. & Sat : 11:00am- 9:15pm
Sunday: 12:00noon -9:00 pm
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Reviewed by: gaylecarr on: 2024/1/6 17:18:03
I have been buying from here for years. I do not know who was cooking tonight but it was the worst meal ever. The hot sour soup was awful and I have literally never seen my husband eat as little as he did tonight because it was so bad. The quality has gotten really sporadic and tonight was just a total failure. It is a real loss but we may have to consider going elsewhere if things do not improve. I don’t want to buy food that I cannot eat.
Reviewed by: ptkujawski on: 2022/9/1 16:59:32
Website is awful. Find new system
Reviewed by: cockupied on: 2022/3/23 14:00:05
It is 2022...its kind of beyond inexcusable that you still don't take credit cards. Especially in an area like litchfield. You'd make more money in sales by taking credit cards than it costs you in dozens of transaction fees. You're losing business by accepting only cash and - seriously, again in 2022 - cheques. I can't even begin to know how many times I've wanted some Chinese and had to pass over doing business locally because you won't take a credit card.
Reviewed by: tdinda21 on: 2021/3/12 16:25:11
Phenomenal food tonight!! Thank you so much, you guys rock!!
Reviewed by: mct500022 on: 2020/12/19 15:02:11
P Had a little takeout with the boys in the band the worst Chinese food anyway I never had sorry don't know what happened you all had halfway decent stuf grease fest my God
Reviewed by: pebbs387 on: 2020/5/11 4:21:15
Morning! I was wondering if you would ever consider putting general tsao tofu on the menu. I know I would order it and can imagine it would be a hit in the Litchfield area.
Reviewed by: litchfieldhillsadc on: 2018/11/23 16:03:05
There is no sauce on my general Tso chicken what happened? I have a photo would you like me to send it to you? Amy
Reviewed by: shaunasadick on: 2018/6/13 10:22:37
Food is so good!
Reviewed by: bnicholson on: 2018/5/14 12:47:42
My wife is severely allergic to peanuts and I was wondering if your food is peanut free?
Reviewed by: m.chinesemenu.com on: 2018/5/6 16:05:12
Please do not burn 2 orders of spare ribs, see you at 8:30. Thank you, Paul Sarris
Reviewed by: couponlady2105 on: 2018/1/14 8:55:25
The best Chinese food in the Litchfield area. I have never had anything bad there. Crab Rangoons are awesome!
Reviewed by: chipknox74 on: 2017/12/25 3:56:16
I ordered food 12/24 and was unable to pick up because of a series of problems. I apologize for this and away for holidays and will pay for this upon my return at end of week. Thank you, Richard Knox
Reviewed by: passionforsong on: 2016-10-18
The absolute best crab rangoons I have had